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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Who we are.

We are a bunch of French and American fellows. We try to contribute in the development of the personal services industry. That is why we created, a marketplace connecting hairstylists to individuals needing at-home hair services. And now this blog to share a broader view.
As we have a slight crush on Oversharing for a few years, you can expect that kind of tone (check out their website, the tone as much as the substance are really worth the reading).

What we are going to talk about.

No surprise here, we are mostly going to talk about personal services at home, meaning we will talk about beauty, wellness, assisted leaving, even health services delivered at home. Please, excuse our taste for beauty services … 
We want to cover a wide ground : the market, the industry, the companies, the innovations ; but also personal stories, opinions, tips …

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