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The growing number of independant workers in personal services : Hair stylists and Barbers

Everywhere in the world, there is a trend of transitioning from an employee status to self employment, and this is not limited to the gig economy.

In the services, especially in the beauty industry, more and more workers are self employed

Times have changed. Innovation and technology have brought tremendous changes and transformation to many industries. Not even the hair stylists in your local barbershop and hair salon have been left behind. Whereas there may still be debates on whether hair services are essential or nonessential, most of us will need a haircut sooner than later. However, the conventional business owner versus employee arrangement may not be viable or sustainable in the long run. Independent hairstylists have recently gained popularity in the US. With the ongoing economic pressure brought about by the COVID 19 Pandemic, the trend may rise.

As a hairstylist or a beautician, embracing innovation such as independence is vital to ensure self-sufficiency and increased earnings. This model is advantageous for business owners and the independent contractor and provides a level playing field and mutual benefit. It offers the benefit of flexibility as beauty pro can operate from a convenient space and at their time. Similarly, salon owners do not have to worry about fulfilling demanding employment and tax obligations. Instead, they enjoy exemptions for having independent employees.

The COVID19 pandemic and the digital economy might amplify the trend

Economic tides have hit hard on beauty pros and barbers, causing significant loss of jobs. Luckily, innovative company brought a revolution that cushions the industry. Like ShearShare, a mobile app that aims at connecting independent stylists with salon owners where they can get space to carry out their craft, or, a mobile barbering and hairstyling company. These sorts of apps and websites make the life of the independent worker much easier. For example in enabling the stylist to lease convenient spaces nearby and with flexible on-demand need terms, which frees unnecessary financial obligations, and all that with the touch of the finger and in minutes.

With this newfound freedom and opportunity, the future of independent hair and beauty specialist is secured. Although there have been attempts by some states to demand taxes from independent stylists, these digital companies are a tremendous boost to the concept. Besides connecting a stylist to some working space, it allows the client to find nearby beauty and hair services as well as enable both parties to agree on terms before the physical meeting.

As we grapple with the challenging economic times, it's wise to embrace innovations that help us to thrive. Independent stylists should also secure their businesses with insurance as well as personal medical cover. Above all, offer your clients the best service so that they will keep coming back.

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