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How to find a mobile barber coming to you?

Whether busy or not, everyone needs to visit the barbershop for a haircut once in a while. Sometimes, your work schedule or physical condition may hinder you from visiting a barber or hair stylist. You can save time by engaging a at-home barber to come to you and at the most convenient time. It's more relaxing to get your favorite buzz cut in the comfort of your home or of your hotel. Besides, mobile barbers eliminate the need to crowded spaces synonymous with barbershops and salons. For example DashStylists, created a network of travelling barbers in Atlanta. But there are other ventures like this in different parts of the US.

What is a Barber Compared to a Hair Stylist?

The major difference between the two is that a barber trains to use the clippers to cut shorter and more traditional hairstyles, while the hairstylist uses the scissors to cut longer and fuller styles. Barbers fade, blend and shave clients. It is only them who can do a straight-razor shave and not the hair stylists. A hair stylist focuses more on hair color, additional hair treatment, chemical services and product recommendations. The line between barbers and hair stylists is becoming blurred by the trends and more upscale barber shops, making the two conversant with all barber services.

What is a Master Barber Diploma?

Master barber diploma is the certification a barber receives after attending an accredited barbers’ program and completing the course. The program duration varies from the school and the state you are in, but around 1,500 to 1,800 hours are necessary to qualify. The topics you covered include:

· Modern and traditional barbering techniques.

· Shaving.

· Skin care.

· Hairstyling

· History of barbering.

· Business management.

· Employee preparation.

What is a Barber License in the US?

This is an authorization document allowing a qualified barber to engage in the occupation. The master barber license is issued by the state authorities, such as the New York State Department. It requires applicants of the license to meet experience and education demands and pass the exams according to the state laws. Most applicants need to be practicing barbers for at least two years before taking exams.

Mobile barber trimming beard - picture provided by DS in Atlanta
Mobile barber trimming beard

What is a Mobile Barber ...

This is a barber who works away from the conventional four-walled barbershops or hair salons. They bring their services to your house or any location that suits you. Mobile barbers carry all the equipment they need to cut or trim your hair or any related grooming services. They also ensure that clean and organize the shaving area before they leave. You can book mobile barbers for special occasions such as weddings, parties and fashion events.

... and How to Find One Around You

First, pull up a barbers list near you and go through their profiles to understand their area of specialization such as hair coloring, extensions, wedding styles, among others. Ensure to check the reviews from previous customers to help you decide on the best rated. It is also helpful to look at previous work's photos to showcase their services. This can guide you in choosing a similar style or determining their services' quality. You can do that looking up the service provider's website for their businesses' information and their services.

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