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Services that should be at-home services soon

Generally speaking services are far more developed in the US than they are in Europe, so it comes as a true surprise for a European to see that some at-home services are not as much popular in the US as they are over there. And it is hard to find simple reasons for this situation, so one can think these 3 industries below will soon develop and be delivered to your door, here in the US…

Beauty delivered at home

At-home salon services
At-home salon services

Starting with the beauty industry and the mobile hair stylists. Most of the time in the US, at-home hair services are synonym of wedding or special occasion, like prom nights. Or they are the privilege of celebrities, who have their own "glam squad" coming to their house or where ever they are to style their hair or take care of their make up (or wealthy people who can afford this type of high end services. Hence the market looks underdeveloped In the US : one can estimate that mobile hair services represent less than 1% of the whole hair salon industry. Whereas in Europe mobile hairstylist represent more than 10-15% of the market in most countries. In France, for instance, mobile hair services are booming, it is doubling every ten years since 2000, and it is represent now about 25% of the market. In the same category of course you will find whatever beauty services you can imagine like make up, facials or nails ...

Expended senior care at their home

Companies in this industry provide services at people's home. Whether these services are medical or not, they essentially aim at making senior citizens' life easier and more comfortable. According to Ibisworld, the market researches company, the primary activities of this industry are :

  • Providing homemaker and companion services

  • Administering in-home physical therapy

  • Providing in-home hospice care Providing 24-hour home care

  • Administering in-home occupational and vocational therapy Providing in-home dietary and nutritional services Administering speech therapy Providing in-home medical care

(Source : IBISWorld Industry Report, Hair & Nail Salons in the US, October 2017, Kelsey Oliver :

Healthcare services on demand and at home

Sending healthcare professionals, especially family physician at people's home is not that common in the US. But it is very popular in Western Europe, and is has been for more than 50 years.

In-home services for seniors - health
In-home services for seniors - health

Surprising, uh ? For example, "SOS Medecin" (meaning SOS physician") has been founded in France in 1966 (

Especially in large urban areas or main cities it is a very com

mon way to have access to a physician, for families with young kids or for the elderly. You call them when you observe

or feel sick and you think you need a clear diagnosis and probably medicines. They are on call 24/7 so you can call them at night when other healthcare facilities are closed and you wouldn't want to wait until next day or with a sick baby or toddler it is not easy to go to the closest facility. Generally it is just a bit more expensive than a regular urgent care, so the conveniency is felt like it is worth it most of the time.

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