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What are "at-home personal services" ?

OUR scope of at home personal services

Quite unusual to talk about "OUR scope" of a market, uh ? Yes, indeed. But the thing is, if you do some research (very unlikely, but let's pretend …) you won't find a unique definition, there is no official or economical definition by usual suspects (census, BLS, government …). Instead you will find a large array of definitions, that include all services to households, health services and assisted living services for seniors to beauty and wellness services for any type of customers included corporate.

We will consider the following definition : all services offered to individuals to facilitate their daily life or take care of themselves. Therefore it will cover all mobile services directed to individuals, like at home hair stylists, who come to your house to cut or style your hair, and trim your beard.

We won't talk about pet care, because as much as we love our animal companions, they are not human. We won't consider either the home improvement or maintenance services, same reason here, they are bout your house not yourself.

Why talking about these activities ?

Obviously because they are becoming more and more important in our lives.

Firstly there are more and more senior citizens and they are living older than before, so the level a services they need is increasing accordingly. On top off that, for 15 to 20 years now, many western countries have made the collective choice to provide care in individuals’ own home instead of housing seniors citizens in nursing homes or assisted living facilites. The goal here is to maintain independence and a familiar environment for as long as possible.

It is also a fact that, at least in urban areas, in more and more households both parents/adults go out to work leading to less and less time to take care of "mundane daily tasks".

Finally, for the a few years we have seen rising a need for "well being" services as opposed to consumption of goods. People are looking for services providing a satisfaction feeling.

The perspectives for the players in this market are very promising

And of course the business world has noticed these trends, companies are developing in this field, especially franchises. To know more, we recommend this excellent article from FORBES (even if it dates back to 2019).

Our one searches lead to the following projections :

  • on demand personal services are expected to grow about 50% within the next years

  • in the US more and more people can use at home personal services : US population with disabilities is now 41M and is growing about 5% / year

  • among western countries, US market is probably the one biggest growth ahead since it is behind Europe regarding the popularity of these types of services ; for example at home hairstyling represents about 1% of the whole hairstyling market compared to 15% to 20% in Europe

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